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Feast of Mashiyyat/Will Sunday September 27th 10:30 am
​Ruhi Book 1 study ongoing
October 3rd Hooper Dunbar and Ken Bowers at Nashville Baha'i Center.  Tickets needed to attend.
October 4th Unit Convention in Chattanooga
October 8th Devotional at Shoals Baha'i Center 7 pm
October 18th Feast of Ilm/Knowledge 10:30 am 

The first ever celebration of the Birth of the twin prophets of the Baha'i Faith on consecutive days, November 13th and 14th.
Royal Falcon Baha'i School Gulf Shores November 27 to 29
Religion in public life discussed with Scotland's leader
18 September 2015
EDINBURGH, Scotland — The recently-elected First Minister of Scotland has met with representatives of religious communities to discuss the role of faith in public life, the importance of interfaith dialogue, and the support offered by religious communities to the humanitarian crisis in southern Europe.

"Interfaith work and the contribution of faith groups is essential in transforming lives and building a stronger, fairer and equal Scotland," First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told an Interfaith Summit, held on 8 September.

In her remarks, the Director of Interfaith Scotland Maureen Sier—who is a Baha'i—observed that "there are increasing opportunities for interfaith dialogue and engagement because there is a critical and growing need and this is being recognised both in public and private discourse."

Dr. Sier, who worked with the Equality Unit of the Scottish Government to organise the Summit, called for further investment in interfaith education for young people.

"Young people need to catch the vision, be inspired by the possibilities and see the hope in the connections and friendships," Dr. Sier said.

"People are hungry for a different story about religion and the story of interfaith engagement is a powerful and hopeful narrative," added Dr. Sier. "It is a counter-narrative to bigotry, sectarianism and extremism; the challenge for interfaith organisations is to tell the story ever more powerfully and to somehow get the media to listen."​  Full story HERE

2015 International Conference

Global Transformations: Context and Analytics for a Durable Peace

October 7 - 9, 2015

Adele H. Stamp Student Union
University of Maryland
1021A Union Ln
College Park, MD 20742
The conference will address the broad, complex spectrum of how to remove obstacles that pose barriers to global peace. Scholars and practitioners from throughout the world, representing multiple disciplines, will present bold ideas about global transformations in search of solutions that lead to a better world.
News from the Parliament of World Religions

It was told long ago, that the spiritual leaders of the indigenous nations would join on spiritual grounds with religious, faith, and spiritual leaders from around the world. Shoulder to shoulder in a great council, they would commit to work for peace and the Protection of Mother Earth

The Parliament is honored to share and learn from the wisdom of the Indigenous Nations of the world and Utah. The Indigenous Nations from the Great Salt Lake region, the Great Basin, and the State of Utah have extended a warm welcome to the people of the world into their spiritual and ancestral home, the ancient and sacred gathering place that is the Great Salt Lake and the now called Salt Lake City.

The 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions Program will provide participants with a first class and unique opportunity to share in and learn with the spiritual leaders of the Indigenous Nations that will gather at this Parliament. “The Parliament has a unique relationship with indigenous people not just in Utah but around the world,” explains Lewis Cardinal, Trustee of the Parliament and Chair of the Indigenous Peoples’ Task Force.

The Indigenous Peoples’ Program at Salt Lake City will include:
Opening Ceremonies: the Indigenous Grand Procession and Welcome
The Sacred Fire and Sacred Space
“The Indigenous Dialogues”
The Indigenous Main Plenary
Indigenous Panels and Workshops
The Indigenous People’s Amphitheatre/Outdoor Pavilion
Indigenous People’s Film Presentations
Traditional Council Lodge
Ceremonial Space and Legacy Project
Closing Ceremonies