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Wednesday Decmber 5th
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Wednesday December 12th noon
473 Cedar St.

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Probing violent radicalization
8 November 2018
    The Baha'i community of Spain co-organized a conference on 26 October on the subject of radicalization.
      MADRID, Spain — The rise of violent radicalization has sparked a sense of urgency in and across many societies. In Spain, where radicalization has become a growing concern, the Baha’i community has sought to contribute meaningfully to the prevalent thinking about this vexing issue.

In addition to approaches that seek to address radicalization at the level of policies, security measures, and technological interventions, there is a need for a deeper, evolving understanding of religion and its constructive role in society today. Representatives of Spain’s Baha’i community underscored this point in a recent high-level exploration of the causes of and responses to violent radicalization. At the core of faith, they argued, is the recognition of our profound oneness.

Co-organized by Spain's Baha’i community, a conference on 26 October brought together some 70 people—among them officials from Spain’s military and intelligence agencies, other government representatives, academics, journalists, and activists—in a dynamic exploration of this topical subject.