Baha'i Faith of the Shoals

New website launched for Chile House of Worship
21 July 2016
SANTIAGO, Chile — A new website for the Baha'i House of Worship in Santiago, Chile, has recently been launched.

The site, which can be accessed at, has been redesigned in the lead up to the Temple's inauguration in October of this year. The beauty of the Temple's design, which the architect, Siamak Hariri, has described as "embodied light", is captured in the imagery and graphics throughout the site.

The new website highlights the central theme that underlies the purpose of Baha'i Houses of Worship: the union of worship and service. It also provides brief descriptions of how this theme is finding expression in activities that connect the Temple to the community that surrounds it.

Songs to inspire social change
11 August 2016
CHONGON, Ecuador — Near Ecuador's southwestern coast lies the town of Chongon. For the past four years, this small locality has brought together young adults from across Latin America for an innovative songwriting workshop.

Participants all have an interest and talent in music as well as experience working with young people in Baha'i-inspired educational programs. The aim of the workshop is to produce music on themes relevant to the lives of adolescents, give voice to their noble sentiments, and reinforce standards to which they aspire.

"In our work with adolescents, we often help them to reflect on the impact of negative social forces on their lives, including through some popular music. But these conversations can be disheartening if we are not able to offer any positive alternatives," said Monica Solano, one of the workshop organizers.

September / October

Birmingham Ruhi training Sept. 2 thru 5
TBI also Sept. 2 thru 5

Feast of Izzat / Might September 11th 10:30 @ Shoals Baha'i Center

Ruhi book training for tutors September 17th Saturday 10 am Shoals Baha'i Center

Feast of Mashiyyat /Will Wednesday Sept. 28th 6 pm Dinner served

Cluster Meeting October 8th Shoals Baha'i Center 10 am

Feast of Ilm Sunday October 16th 10:30 am Shoals Baha'i Center
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