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Baha'i International Community issues statement to World Conference on Racism

"Racism originates not in the skin but in the human mind. Remedies to racial prejudice, xenophobia and intolerance must accordingly address first and foremost those mental illusions that have for so many thousands of years given rise to false concepts of superiority and inferiority among human populations.....The reality is that there is only the one human race. We are a single people, inhabiting the planet Earth, one human family bound together in a common destiny, a single entity created from one same substance, obligated to 'be even as one soul'. Recognition of this reality is the antidote to racism, xenophobia and intolerance in all its forms."

The UN Commission on the Status of Women examined progress for women since the 1995 Beijing conference
A panel there considered how images of women in the media affect their status
The "sexualized" images in advertising, film, and TV demean women and girls, said panelists
Positive solutions include individual action and moral education
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A glimpse of conditions faced by Baha'i prisoners inside Iran's Evin prison

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