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Chiefs seek lasting peace in light of spiritual truths
January 29, 2020

Gatherings of chiefs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo focused on unity, peace, and the role of religion in social transformation.
KAKENGE, Democratic Republic Of The Congo — Earlier this month, residents of Kakenge in the Central Kasai province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo listened to a remarkable program on local radio. It was a live broadcast of a conversation between some 60 village and tribal chiefs, many of whom were on opposing sides of armed conflict only a year ago, discussing the true purpose of religion, the unity of the human family, the promotion of material and spiritual progress, and the critical role of women in building a peaceful society.

In view of tensions that remain, the country’s Baha’i community invited chiefs from the Central Kasai region to a three-day conference to explore how principles from Baha’u’llah’s writings can shed light on matters of practical and immediate concern for their society.  FULL STORY HERE: