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August 9th Feast of Kamal / Perfection 10 am

Community dinner August 15th

Devotional August 20th 7 pm @ Center

Book 1 Study Group to resume August 21st @ 419 Cedar St.

August 23rd Feast of Asma / Names 10 am @ Center


Dawn unveiling for Cambodian temple design
18 July 2015
BATTAMBANG, Cambodia — As the sun rose over Battambang yesterday, the melodies of prayer filled the morning air, in a spirit of reverence, exultation, and thanksgiving.

These dawn prayers began the event for the unveiling of the design of the first local Baha’i House of Worship for the people of this region of Cambodia, which has in recent years witnessed the emergence of a vibrant community life centered on worship of God and service to humanity. The events of the day involved dignitaries as well as inhabitants of the surrounding communities, numbering over 300 people. Some had walked, while others made their way using various forms of transport to arrive on time for the early morning program.
Full story and picture HERE

UN seminar highlights global citizenship education
25 June 2015
NEW YORK — On June 15, UN permanent missions from France, Korea, Nigeria, Qatar, and the United States co-organized a seminar titled "Global Citizenship Education for a Just, Peaceful, Inclusive and Sustainable World", held at UN Headquarters in New York City. The Baha'i International Community and UNESCO were among seven NGOs and UN organizations that co-sponsored the event.

The seminar—archived on UN Web TV—engaged diplomats, UN officials and civil society actors in a dialogue on fostering global citizenship. The focus was on education that engenders universal human values conducive to the construction of a more peaceful and sustainable world.  Full story HERE